A Century for our Auto Roller – A Podcast With Richard Robinson


“If we go way back, up until the mid 1800s, sheep mostly kept the playing areas and the outfield under control, with longer grass cut with a hand scythes. Then in 1830, a young textile engineer called Edwin Budding have a eureka moment. He was working on machines to shave the nap off guards guardsman unfirms, when he came up with the idea of designing a cutting cylinder fixed to a chassis, incorporating a rear roller for cutting and smoothing the grass. Within 2 years he had designed and sold the patent of a lawn mower to Ransoms of Ipswich. And had intern revolutions playing facilities for cricket, golf, tennis, football and many other sports.”

This was the first step to modernising the way in which cricket grounds were maintained and paved the way for the invention of a heavy roller, and taken from a recent podcast our Chairman, Richard Robinson, was on.

Fast forward to today and our Auto-Roller has reach it’s century.

Auto-Roller: 100 Not Out

Chris Biddle recently spoke with our Chairman, Richard Robinson, about the history of Auto-Roller which reached it’s century in 2021.

If you would like to listen to the full podcast which goes into detail about the development of turf machinery used in cricket, the history of the Auto-Roller, winter rolling regimes and much more, click the link below.

Listen to the podcast