Edgbaston – Gold 4ft Roller

edgbaston gold roller

Auto-Roller – the world famous cricket roller is celebrating its 100 year anniversary, the first design finalised in 1921, manufactured and delivered all over the world ever since. An iconic design that still continues to be the choice of the world’s top groundsmen, from village cricket clubs to international grounds.
As part of our centenary celebrations we are offering to paint our newly manufactured (and refurbished) rollers in gold, as well as returning back to the original front plaque on all of our rollers. We were delighted that Edgbaston chose to have their new roller in gold and are the first ground in the UK to have received one.
Gary Barwell is a pleasure to work with, we enjoyed meeting the fantastic grounds team who work incredibly hard to keep the grounds pitch perfect.

edgbaston gold roller

It was a privilege to able to retake a photo of the same member of the team 20 years on, first on Edgbaston’s blue roller (only recently refurbished) and then on their new gold roller 20 years later.

Edgbaston have been a long standing customer of ours and we love nothing more than to see our Auto-Rollers at home on the grounds.
There is a beauty in the heritage of our Auto-Rollers, we are very proud of the prestige and design that has evolved over the years. We hold a book of serial numbers dating back to the 1940s, some rollers are still continuing to roll with our re-power kits, bringing the more mature rollers back to life.

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