Preparing your Cricket Roller for the Winter

Zoomed in snow flake

When used correctly, rollers push soil downwards to make it more compact. The soil is also pushed forwards slightly, which helps to smooth out the surface and increase hardness. Over winter when soil gets wet, it begins to swell and the surface can lift unevenly and frost heave can also be experienced.

It is important that you prepare your roller for winter so that it can perform optimally when needed in the following season when conditions are right. Additionally, maintenance of your cricket roller is critical to ensuring the safety of its operators.

Essentially the better the pitch, more sixes will be hit. Which can’t be a bad thing can it?

How to prepare a cricket roller for winter

If you are servicing your cricket roller in-house, here are our top recommendations for your checklist:

Grease points: All grease points should be greased to ensure the grease reaches the wearing side of the shaft and bushes.

Oil: Both the engine oil and filter need to be changed.

Filters: The fuel filter should be replaced and the air filter changed.

Battery cells: The battery cell levels need to be checked before topping up with distilled water

Battery leads and terminals: The battery terminals should be cleaned and covered in grease to prevent corrosion. After a sufficient charge, the battery leads should be disconnected.

Drive chain: The tension of the roller drive chain should be checked, before cleaning and lubrication.

Roller drainage: Ideally, all sections of your roller should be drained during the winter period. If water is to remain in the roller, antifreeze should be added at the correct dilution* to prevent the water from freezing. The roll drain plugs should also be cleaned with wire brush and greased liberally.

* Full frost protection is gained by adding 25 litres of ethylene glycol to each of the front rollers and 50 litres to the rear roller section.

Cricket Roller FAQs for winter

We hope these questions from our community of groundsmen help you too!

Should I drain down my auto roller for winter?

Even in a warm climate, you should always drain down your cricket roller each year, just in case of severe conditions and frost. For petrol-fuelled auto rollers, the petrol can lose quality over a longer period if exposed to rust/water, and this can cause issues in the following season.

Where should I store bolts after draining down the roller?

After you have drained down your roller, the best thing to do is cover the bolts with lots of grease and place back in the rolls. However, if leaving out, you can store them in the cubby hole by the steering wheel at the front of the roller.

How should I prepare an auto roller fuel tank for winter?

The fuel tank should remain filled over winter in order to prevent condensation and water contamination in the fuel, and to ensure that the cricket roller is in good working condition for the next season.

Is there any way groundsmen can help prevent theft over winter?

To disable your cricket roller against theft, you could fit an isolator to the battery circuit or the battery could simply be removed.

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