Tetbury – 4ft Roller

Look at this beautiful blue Auto-Roller - another fantastic colour to add to our rainbow of rollers!!

After a tough year for Tetbury Cricket Club, an incredible effort has gone into raising the funds for the future of the club. This included the refurbishment of their Auto-Roller, and its safe to say that all of us are very pleased with the outcome. It has been a pleasure to work with Paul, and we wish all at Tetbury Cricket Club a very good season ahead!

Luckily the sun was shining, and we were able to get some photos of the Auto-Roller in all its glory - along with our promotional pack that we are giving away with any new Auto-Roller purchase this year as we celebrate 100 years!

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Chipping Sodbury Cricket Club – 4ft Roller

We spoke with Chipping Sodbury Cricket Club in the summer after they were awarded a section 106 grant to go towards providing community and social infrastructure. We were pleased to quote them for a new 4ft Auto-Roller.

The club had decided to go with an Auto-Roller after seeing the Pitchcare article regarding last year's 3ft Auto-Roller Competition and liked our ambition for supporting smaller cricket clubs with limited funding.

We were pleased to be able to deliver the roller while the sun was still shining and they are now the proud owners of not only a new roller, but also our complementary cricket hat!

We would like to thank Chairman Andy Shield for the business and his kind words. We hope the club get many years of use out of their roller - starting next season once the weather has warmed up a bit!

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