Auto-Rolling: Cricket Rolling and Winter Preparation

Winter Preparation

Keeping wickets and greens healthy through winter can be challenging, tough and full of problems. The harsh weather that winter brings with winds, snow and rain, can bring our pitches to their knees.

Wrestling with the conditions and keeping up to date with postseason maintenance can be difficult, for full-time and weekend grounds men.

However, there are a few little tricks and tips to help with winter grounds keeping – and preserving viable greens until spring.

Our 3ft Roller covered in Snow

Winter Brushing

As many a good grounds man will know, winter brushing is key to keeping humidity and pathogens away from the green during colder months.

Having a regular brushing routine will help to disperse any collecting pathogens from building up in a ‘humidity blanket’, which is provided when rain encourages ‘dew’ which sits on top of the grass – creating a humid environment for pathogens to grow and spread.

By brushing across the dew in winter mornings or afternoons, the casual grounds man is able to protect their green against thatch build-ups and debris – keeping a tip-top and healthy pitch throughout the winter.

This can be done through multiple methods, using a drag brush or long cut of rope, to brush off the surface of grass roots. This will help to clear grass blades of dew and prevent damp conditions for bacteria and pathogens to thrive. 


Perfect tennis lawn


 Getting Rid of Wormcast.


Wormcast is the buildup of muck, mud or sand, which is a thick, convoluted accumulation of biomass passed through an earthworm’s body.

Wormcast is expected between mostly September and April – but can also occur during summer periods as well.

Worm cast can become a problem because it can cause uneven playing surfaces and when rolled into the lawn, is able to create a bareness to the pitch.

Brushing through Wormcast 

By gently brushing over a playing field with a long handle ‘drag brush’, you will be able to evenly disperse wormcast and debris, to prevent harmful buildups, which could potentially dent and damage the cricket green.

Another solution comes from over-seeding your pitch, which will create a more fertile environment for grass roots to grow. This also helps to thicken grass and prevent weeds from growing.

However, make sure to rake and clear any debris before over-seeding as build up in thatch can prevent future growth and become a breeding ground, again for those nasty pathogens! 



Mowing your cricket pitch in winter.

Mowing the green is critical all year round and having a good knowledge on maintenance will be crucial in keeping the lawn healthy and thriving for the new season.


In ‘NatWest’s – Pitch Doctor’ series, Chris Wood goes into ideal maintenance lengths of grass during both the summer and winter months.


He suggests that the length of grass cut during winter should be around 20 – 25mm in length and to use a mower, which can apply slight downward pressure to the square.

This is because it will help to alleviate any swollen soil that grows over winter months and will help to stop grass scalp and moss growth.


Swollen soil is the change in ground conditions – which occurs through shrinkage and swelling, leading to permanently damaging the even-playing level of a square. 

Mowing in Winter

By applying the mower pressure during winter cutting, you can apply a horizontal pressure to the swollen soil and help to even it out.

This in turn will not harm the elasticity of the soil – but in fact encourage it to ‘bounce’ back during summer rolling periods.


Winter is coming…

 Winter is coming and ground men across the UK are preparing for it – already we are seeing signs of harsh winter rains and cold, bitter mornings settle on our doorsteps here in Wiltshire.

Are you ready for the winter season? Do you need some more advice on what to do this coming winter with your pitches? 


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