Cricket Rollers

The world famous Auto-Roller Cricket Rollers are used on all types of cricket ground from the top test cricket wickets, to county, village and school greens. Our World Class Cricket Rollers are also available for Hire. Please contact us for Details! We also have re-conditioned Rollers available from time to time. So please keep checking back for availability.

Only the Auto-Roller can produce the unique finish demanded by the worlds top groundsmen.

Why Choose Auto-Roller?

"The Highest Standard"
The ECB guidelines for rolling pitches show that our standard rollers achieve the optimum mass/width factor for all pitch performance levels and we supply the Auto-Roller worldwide to Test Wickets as well as at County and Club level.
"Precision Rolls"
All Auto-Rollers now use precision ball bearings, which keep power requirement and maintenance to a minimum. The rolls are fully machined from 20mm thick steel, ensuring perfect concentricity and allowing the optimum radius at the roll edges.
"Efficiency and Reliability"
We only use diesel engines from Kubota or Hatz – both world renowned for reliability. Petrol engines have increased fire, fuel theft and durability issues, so we think diesels are a much better long term investment. They meet all current emission standards and - in conjunction with quality transmissions - are fuel efficient.
"Repower Kit"
Auto-Rollers as old as 1948 have had our repower kit fitted. This is effectively a 'heart transplant', giving them a new lease of life. The total investment of about £8000 over 64 years (including the cost of the original roller) equates to just £125 per year!
"Kind to the Environment"
All current production Auto-Rollers are filled with environmentally friendly biodegradable hydraulic oil and have industrial quality hydraulic systems from respected suppliers such as Parker and Poclain. All hose fittings use ORFS fittings ‘O’ ring sealed to reduce possibility of oil leaks; extending the working life and improving performance.
"Years of Expertise"
We design and build our products with great care to ensure our customers have the best machine available. We can support units built in the last 70 years from our base here in Wiltshire and we offer a spares service for machines produced since the early 1930’s.

ECB Rolling Guidelines


Both 4ft and 3ft Auto-Roller models are fully in line with the recommendations of the ECB’s ‘Guidelines for Rolling in Cricket’ report, compiled by Cranfield University.

One of our Precision Rolls was used during the testing.

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