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Welcome to the Auto-Roller website! We are thrilled to have you here and grateful for your visit. As purveyors of excellence in rolling solutions, we strive to offer a comprehensive platform tailored to your needs. Whether you're an enthusiast exploring our latest models or a potential customer seeking reliable maintenance services, we extend our warmest welcome and commitment to delivering top-notch experiences. Thank you for choosing Auto-Roller.

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The Auto-Roller Story.........

1930 AutoRoller

.......Once upon a time, in the roaring 1920s, when jazz was hot and flapper dresses were all the rage, there emerged a hero from the quaint countryside of Norton St. Philip, Bath, Somerset – the Auto-Roller (under Auto-Mower)! Created by the ingenious mind of G. Grist, a veteran who traded his army boots for innovation in 1920, this contraption marked the dawn of a new era in turf care.

Picture this: the very first Auto-Rollers were like Frankenstein's monster, cobbled together with castings from Dennings of Chard and held by bolts. It's like they raided Dr. Frankenstein's workshop and said, "Hey, let's make a Roller!" But fear not, for evolution was on their side. By 1921, they had finalised the design, although it still looked a bit wonky with steering gear that needed a hand to point in the right direction!​​

These babies weren't just for your average lawn; they rolled through hockey pitches and even masqueraded as modified tractors, flattening airfields like a boss. Then, in a twist worthy of a soap opera, Ransome, Sims, and Jefferies swooped in, snagging the mower rights in 1946, leaving behind only the Auto-Roller, like a lone ranger in the rolling universe.

But wait, the plot thickens! In 1968, TH White of Devizes stepped into the scene, grabbing the Auto-Roller and holding it close like a precious gem. And thus, the saga continued.

Fast forward to the swinging 90s, and Autoguide Equipment stepped up, saying, "We'll save the Auto-Roller!" They kept the Auto-Roller legacy alive and kicking, proudly waving the Wiltshire flag.

Now, hold onto your Auto-Roller hats because here come the upgrades! Power steering? Check. Hydrostatic transmission? You betcha. USB socket? Hey, even rollers can charge your phone nowadays! And let's not forget about those precision ball bearings, keeping things smooth and low maintenance, just how we like it.

But wait, there's more! Autoguide didn't stop there. They gave old Auto-Rollers a new lease on life with their fancy "heart transplant" repower kit. It's like CPR for Auto-Rollers!


And as if all that wasn't enough, Autoguide is cooking up something green and mean with their new eco-friendly Auto-Roller. Stay tuned for that!

Now, let's talk product lineup. From the 4ft powerhouse with its liquid-cooled Kubota engine to the cute 3ft option with its air-cooled Hatz diesel, Autoguide has a roller for every turf-loving heart out there. And don't forget about the Re-Power Kit, because who doesn't love a good makeover?


So there you have it, the epic tale of the Auto-Roller, from humble beginnings to turf-rolling legend. Who knew rolling grass could be so thrilling?

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